Help & Documentation:

Here you can download the english timeEdition user manual (PDF document) and other documentations and license agreements. There is also a FAQ available answering most common questions regarding timeEdition.

User Manual:

This manual will guide you through the installation an gives you an in-depth insight into the functions of timeEdition:

System requirements:

The following system requirements have to be met for using timeEdition:
  • Operating System:
    Mac OS X (version 10.4 "Tiger" or newer)
    Windows 2000 or newer (XP, Vista)
    Linux with GTK+ 2.x (tested with Ubuntu 8.04 "Hardy Heron")
  • Memory:
    at least 256 MB RAM (depending on your operating system)
  • Hard disk:
    at least 30 MB for the application itself plus space for your data
timeEdition is very frugal and does not require much space on your hard disk. It also does not require the latest state-of-the art computer to run sufficiently fast. But we recommend to make backups on a regularly basis and always keep enough free space on your hard disk to avoid any data losses.

Copyright and Licensing:

timeEdition is copyright (c) 2000-2009 by Living-e AG, Karlsruhe, Germany. timeEdition is distributed under the GPL 3 license, which can be found in the License.txt file or on

The license covers all source files in the timeEdition distribution, with the exception of the following third party software parts, which remain licensed under their respective licenses.

Third party software

timeEdition uses the Windows Functionality Suite which is Copyright (c) by Aaron Ballman and made available under a free License. See for details.

The timeEdition widget uses SQLite which is under the public domain. See for details.

The timeEdition widget uses FMDatabase which is Copyright (c) by Gus Mueller and made available under the MIT License. See for details.
More Informations: