Here you can download the most recent installation packages for timeEdition which are also available for download on the Sourceforge project page. There you can choose an alternative download mirror if the default mirror is not available.

timeEdition is currently available for Mac OS X (starting with version 10.4 "Tiger") both for PPC- and for Intel-Macs (Universal Binary), Linux machines (GTK+ 2.x) and for Windows-PC (Windows 2000 or newer). You can find more details in the timeEdition documentation.

  timeEdition for MacOS X
  • Version: 1.1.6
  • File type: (Universal Binary)
  • File size: app. 13 MB
  • Languages: English, German
timeEdition needs Mac OS Version 10.4 ("Tiger") or newer, either PowerPC or Intel
  timeEdition for Windows
  • Version: 1.1.6
  • File type: (Installer)
  • File size: app. 5 MB
  • Languages: English, German
timeEdition requires at least Windows 2000 or any newer version (XP, Vista).
  timeEdition for Linux (x86)
  • Version: 1.1.6
  • File type: .tgz
  • File size: app. 7 MB
  • Sprachen: English, German
timeEdition requires the GTK+ 2.x library. Tested with Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron)

Build from source (SVN Installation)

You can also fetch the timeEdition sourcecode from the Sourceforge subversion server for compilation:
  • Subversion server:
  • Repository:  /svnroot/timeedition
More informations about how using subversion and accessing the repository are available in the Sourceforge support document "Subversion (Version Control for Source Code)".

    Please note: since timeEdition is RealBasic project, you need a valid license for the RealBasic Development Environment for building timeEdition from source. There is a free and functionally limited trial version available on

Requirements for building the sources:

You need a valid license of the RealBasic Development Environment to build and develop timeEdition. You can buy one on
. We recommend at least Version "2007 -  Version 4" or newer; older versions may work as well, but we haven't tested them yet.

Furthermore the following RealBasic PlugIns are required since timeEdition uses them for implementing some cool features:
  • IdlePlugin: This plugin has to be compiled, before you install the other PlugIns. You can find the sources of this plugin within the timeEdition source code (either as RealBasic or Apple Xcode project)
  • PlugIns from EINHUGUR (
    • DateControl
    • TimeControl
    • TypeLib
    • UtilsLib
    • e-CryptIt Engine
Before you start building timeEdition, you have to install these plugins in to RealBasic's plugin directory called "Plugins" to be available on compile time. The plugins are available in the subversion repository within the subdirectory Used RealBasic Plugins.

The timeEdition RealBasic project is located in the directory SRC/timeEdition.rbvcp you've fetched from Subversion.
Current Release:

  • Version 1.1.6
  • Published: Apr. 1st 2009
Previous Releases:

Previous releases of timeEdition are available for download on this page. If you have any questions regarding your timeEdition 1.0.x/1.1.x license or need the installation files of a previous version, please contact our support team.