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With timeEdition you get a detailed documentation of your working hours. On Mac, iPhone & Android.

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Time is money

With timeEdition you can see detailed documentation of your working hours. Be it for a billing of a client, or tracking the efficiency of a project.

timeEdition puts great emphasis on ease of use. The user first sees only the functions that are needed for daily time tracking: Start and Stop recording of work time, work time elapsed, customer, project and task. You don't give away your time or your money. With timeEdition you have the perfect tool to track your work time and your colleagues work time. You can track the work outlay of your project and give your clients a detailed bill.


timeEdition on the desktop and on the road

timeEdition is available on multiple platforms: macOS, iOS & Android. This lets you track your projects on your office desk, but also mobile when your are on the road consulting.

All timeEdition apps can be synced through dropbox. No matter where you are time tracking, all of your recordings are always available on all your devices.

No internet connection required for recording. This gives you a high flexibilty for tracking your projects on different platforms.

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Notes for all Recordings

At any time you can take a note for any recording that you are doing.

Color Coding

Different colors for your clients lets you see at a glance which client you are currently tracking.

Add and edit Recordings

If you missed a recording: Easily add it manually or adjust the tracking time.

Export Recordings

You can export your recordings for use in third party applications like Numbers or Excel.

Deadline Reminder

Never miss a deadline. Let timeEdition remind you of all your upcoming deadlines.

For Mobile & Desktop

timedition ist for Mac, iPhone and Android available and ready to track your project hours on your desk or on the road.

Sync your Devices

No matter where you are working: Sync your mobile recordings with your desktop and vice versa.

Export to iCal & Google Calendar

timeEdition let´s you export all your recordings to your calendar. This can be Google Calendar, iCal, etc.

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timeEdition helped lots of happy customers tracking their working hours.